The sessions are as follows.. You just pick the one that is applicable to you and your needs, they are not in any particular order.

PED/Premature Ejaculation Session-You finish too quickly during sex.

To learn control over ejaculation while having sex, and keep from finishing quickly - this session takes an hour half to two hours and is $400

ED/Erectile Dysfunction Session-You have difficulty getting or keeping an erection.

To learn how to keep gain and maintain erections during sex - this takes 2 and half hours and is $400 or you can have 2 separate sessions for $300 each = $600

DED/Delayed Ejaculatory Disorder-You have difficulty ejaculating during sex

To learn complete control over ejaculation and how to be able to ejaculate on demand - thi session takes 2 and half hours and is $400 or you can have 2 separate sessions for $300 each = $600

COMBINATION OF PED/ED-Sometimes finish too quickly, sometimes can't keep erection.

Sometimes you ejaculate too fast, sometimes you can not get hard - this type of session takes at least 2 and half hours long and is $400 or can be broken up into 2 sessions for $300 a piece = $600




I am going to be back in CANADA for an undetermined amount of time and have opened an upscale new Clinic in Pickering IN in a discreet and private location that is easy to find with ample parking. You will get the directions and address once you book an appointment with either myself or through one of my associates..

What I need to do in order to teach and cure you of the different aliments that are plaguing you takes alot of energy and patience. This is not easy but I have it down to an art form that I have perfected to teach even those of you that don't speak good English. Half the session I am teaching and explaining your body and the half of the session I am showing you until you understand fully how everything is going to work for you when using what I have taught you every time after that.

When you are here I will make you comfortable and then proceed to explain why your experiencing what you are during sex. Then I will explain how what I am going to teach you will work for you at home. After that I teach you the techniques and then you will put them to the test.

No there is no sex, I am a Clinical Sexologist. What I do is teach and coach you how my techniques and cures will work for you every time you apply them in your bedroom for the rest of your life. You do not leave until you feel you are confident and understand how to be in control of your body 100% from now on.


"Regardless of your age or condition, a new sex life is only an appointment away."

Dr. Veronica Maxwell C.P .C.C.S.-Clinical Sexologist